Our Company and Our Mission


Change is Possible

Delta Health Solutions is a health and wellness coaching company owned by Dr. Catherine Moring, PhD and Jennifer Taylor, RN. At Delta Health Solutions, we believe change is possible. We have seen it first hand in our own lives as well as in our clients’ lives. Brady Taylor, RDN, LD serves as the DHS Director of Nutrition. He is licensed to provide medical nutrition therapy and oversees the guidance of clients through self-directed nutrition management to help meet their individual goals. Together, we at DHS have a combined 30+ years of knowledge and experience working in the healthcare and wellness space and we have learned what works for sustainable change. We offer support with weight loss and diabetes self-management and support the mind and body through lifestyle and behavior changes. We have helped countless individuals establish healthy behaviors, lose weight, maintain weight loss, improve health and live truly vibrant lives. To learn more about our work and our success helping clients, please visit our testimonials page . To learn more about us, please visit our meet the owners page. The DHS staff can tailor approaches to wellness, based on goals set by clients, health history, current health status and age in conjunction with your physician. We offer individual coaching and group-based programs as well as engaging workshops, both in person and online.

Our mission is to educate and empower individuals to live their best lives, free from health concerns and full of confidence and vitality.