Why We Started Delta Health Solutions


The health, wellness and food industries are multi-billion-dollar industries, some of the most profitable industries in the world. Most of us are constantly seeking and searching for ways to improve our health, modify our diets to support our health, lose weight, heal from chronic health conditions and so much more. We are presented with conflicting messages and essentially lied to by the government, food and drug industries. A one-size-fits-all approach to the health and dietary needs does not work. The truth is we are all very different and our bodies have different needs: physical, emotional, spiritual, dietary and otherwise. Health and healing must be tailored to the individual based on many factors.


So many of us are suffering unnecessarily and following advice that is simply not rooted in science and not in our best interests. 1 in 2 American adults now have at least one chronic disease, 80% of us are overweight or obese, over half of us have some form of diabetes (this includes pre-diabetes) and autoimmune conditions are more prevalent than ever before. Many of these conditions are entirely preventable through proper diet (tailored to your individual needs) and lifestyle change.


For the last several years, we have had the opportunity to work with individuals and families from diverse backgrounds, different demographics and various income levels to help them understand true healing and how not only to improve health but sustain good health. Working in the Mississippi Delta where health status is extremely poor and mirrors that of developing nations, we have been exposed to some of the most difficult cases working with people with multiple chronic health conditions, severe morbid obesity and extremely poor health status. We saw quickly how our ability to educate and empower our clients through both individual coaching and group workshops was significantly changing their lives and improving their health. We’ve had clients to lose over 100 pounds, reverse pre-diabetes, put type 2 diabetes into remission, heal anxiety and depression, find relief from chronic pain, recover from autoimmune conditions and regain lost confidence and self-worth, among many other positive outcomes. Please see our testimonials page to view a few of our clients' success stories.


For a while we made off-hand comments to each other such as we need to start a business to help more people or we really need to take our workshops online to expand reach and educate and empower more people – and then one day we realized we couldn’t wait another day – we are facing an unprecedented health crisis in our country especially regarding overweight, obesity, diabetes and unexplainable autoimmune conditions, in which many of us suffer. We knew we couldn’t wait any longer and had to follow our passion and calling to help the millions of people who are suffering unnecessarily. We left like launching an online health consulting and coaching business where we can help people in Mississippi and around the globe was the answer to how we can serve our world and the many people suffering unnecessarily. We are committed to staying a breast of the latest, most sound science and bringing our clients the answers they have been searching. At Delta Health Solutions, we tailor our approaches to health to fit the needs of each individual based on past health history, current health status, needs and personal goals. We offer both individual and group-based coaching and our workshops offer powerful information and tools for change, are based on sound science and offer an accessible to way to sort through the confusing mixed-messages we are told in regards to wellness, weight loss, health and healing. We are thrilled about this opportunity to follow our passion and serve as we help people to heal, thrive, and truly live their best lives free from suffering and disease. We believe change is possible as we have seen it in our own lives as well as the lives of our clients.


We hope you will join us as we educate, empower and enable individuals and families toward health, healing and optimal wellness.


In Health and Healing,

Dr. Catherine Moring and Jennifer Taylor, Co-Owners, Delta Health Solutions

Catherine Moring